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Can’t unsee

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how am i supposed to like ur personality when i don’t even like ur eyebrows

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im 18 you fucking slutbags

breakdown #2 this year

i’m officially freaking out, it’s my 18th in about 26 hours and i don’t know what to do. i don’t wanna be a proper adult, i know i seem to be overreacting but it’s the latest thing in a long chain of events which have freaked me out big time. 
i feel lost, like there’s nothing going for me and no one wants me. i want to go out and see the world but i want to be happy and successful. i’m so torn ahhh. school is freaking me out massively because i have my finals in about 4 months and i don’t feel prepared at all.
basically i feel like my whole life is falling apart and i know it isn’t going to get better, probably worse, after my birthday. i just want to hear from a uni or two, i want them to tell me what i am supposed to aim for so i don’t have to play the guessing game.
help me someone, i feel worthless. 

That one follower you want to fuck the life out of 

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